Veterinary Services from Animal Care Hospital in Williams Lake & Quesnel

We know how important your animal friends are to you. We all have them, too. Whether your pet or livestock animal needs an annual exam, vaccinations, surgery, or any other kind of medical attention, the veterinarians and staff at the Animal Care Hospital of Williams Lake and Quesnel are here to help you.

The Animal Care Hospital is fully equipped to deal with most medical and surgical issues your pets require. If specialized attention is needed, we can work with you to decide where and when a referral is necessary.

Some of the services we offer include:

Wellness Services

Our doctors recommend an annual health exam for most pets. As part of the physical exam, your pet will be weighed and have his/her temperature taken, and then be checked from nose to tail! Your veterinarian will complete a health report on your pet and discuss relevant issues with you, such as vaccinations, diet, parasite control, and other preventative care. If your pet is on long-term medication, we may recommend running tests to ensure that dose requirements have not changed--we want to be sure to minimize the risk of side effects.


A thorough history and physical exam by one of our veterinarians provides the cornerstone of our small animal service. From there, we tailor a diagnostic or treatment plan to meet the needs of your pet.


Our surgical services include canine, feline, rabbit, and pocket pet spays and neuters as well as a full range of non-elective soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries. We also routinely conduct a variety of elective and non-elective surgeries for horses, cattle, and other large animals. If specialized surgery is needed that is beyond our capabilities, we can arrange for referral to a specialty hospital, at times providing ambulance services for transportation.

Laboratory Services
We provide in-house blood work that can often provide the answers you need in as little as 20 minutes. We also provide in-house cytology, urinalysis, fecal analysis, skin scrapings, and tests for canine parvovirus, antifreeze poisoning, early kidney disease, and pancreatitis. Blood samples can also be sent to a reference laboratory if more specialized tests are needed. We also routinely send out tests for histopathology and culture and sensitivity testing.

For pets requiring hospitalization, we provide safe, clean kennels, runs, stalls, and corrals. Intensive care patients and others requiring continuous monitoring are hospitalized in full view of doctors, animal health technologists, and assistants to ensure constant surveillance. We also have an isolation ward and exam room for infectious patients.

Pharmacy Services
The Animal Care Hospital has a well-stocked pharmacy to meet the needs of our patients. We can also special-order any medications, supplies, and prescription diets that we do not keep in stock.

Euthanasia Services
Our staff and doctors realize that while euthanasia is sometimes the best option, it is never easy. We are here to make it as peaceful as possible for you and your pet. We have a quiet and comfortable room, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the hospital for owners who wish to stay with their pets. We also offer cremation services. Please discuss your needs and those of your pet with our staff ahead of time so that we can do everything possible to accommodate you at this difficult time.

Companion Animal Dentistry
Your pet's oral health is essential to preventing periodontal disease as well as diseases affecting other organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Preventative care is important. This can include dental brushing and feeding a diet especially designed to prevent tartar buildup. Periodontal disease starts with a buildup of plaque, which leads to dental tartar, gingivitis, and bad breath.

At the Animal Care Hospital we provide annual health exams during which we assess your pet's oral health and provide you with information on preventing oral disease.

Despite the best preventative care, many pets eventually need dental cleaning and scaling under anesthesia. At this time any fractured or diseased teeth can be removed, if necessary. The animal care hospital has a full range of dental equipment available to provide your pet with these dental services.

Equine care

Equine Dentistry

Oral health is important to maintaining your horse's ability to chew properly. Early correction of dental problems can reduce pain, prolong the life of your horse's teeth, and improve training and competitive ability. Many health and behavioural problems can be attributed directly to the condition of the teeth.

A horse's teeth grow continuously, which means that there are constant ongoing changes in your horse's mouth. Oral exams and minor dentistry should be performed every 6 to 12 months from ages 1 to 5, then yearly until the age of 15. After 15, exams can often be done only every 2 years, depending upon the structure of the mouth, malocclusions, or improper tooth positioning. We make a point of evaluating your horse's teeth during their annual health exams.

Your horse's dental work is best accomplished under sedation using a power float to reduce sharp points and hooks and correct malocclusions due to waves and ramps in a minimally invasive manner. This should only be performed by a licensed veterinarian.


Farm Calls
In most cases, veterinary care is best handled in the hospital because of the ready availability of equipment and diagnostic facilities. However, there are many cases in which transportation is not possible due to the size or number of large animal patients. We are happy to visit your farm in such cases.

The Animal Care Hospital is equipped with trucks with “vet boxes” (mobile veterinary clinics) containing the supplies and equipment necessary for routine outcalls.

Routine cases can be scheduled with our receptionists during office hours. In the case of an emergency, we offer after hours urgent care to meet you at our hospital or get to your farm as quickly as possible. Call to schedule an appointment.

Reproductive Services
The Animal Care Hospital provides large and small animal reproduction services including planned and timed artificial programs with fresh and frozen semen in horses, dogs, and cattle. Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis and assisting with difficult births round out our reproductive services.

After Hours Care
We have a veterinarian and animal health technologist on call. Phone for our after hours urgent care.

Other Services
○ Ear cleaning and flushing
○ Nail trims
○ House calls
○ Boarding
○ Microchipping and microchip scanning

Please contact us for details.

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