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When Pets Need a Helping Hand


At the Animal Care Hospitals Of Williams Lake and Quesnel, our team strives to offer and provide the widest range of services for our large and small animal patients, including elective and non-elective surgeries and other preventative and urgent care.  During each visit, our doctors and animal health care team will obtain a thorough health history, and your animal will receive a complete physical exam.  This information is the cornerstone of our medical care and allows our doctors to tailor a diagnostic or treatment plan to best meet the needs of you and your pet.  Contact us for quality veterinary care in Williams Lake and Quesnel.

Complete physical exam

Complete Physical Exam


As part of the physical exam, your animal will be weighed and have his or her temperature taken and then receive a thorough exam from nose to tail.  If your pet is on long-term medication, a full wellness program will require monitoring and bloodwork to ensure that dose requirements have not changed and to optimize the benefits.


Some of our wellness programs include:

  • Small animal dentistry

  • Equine dentistry

  • Small and large animal obstetrics

  • Bovine reproduction programs

  • Artificial insemination for horses, cattle, and dogs

  • Specialist’s referrals when necessary

  • X-ray in hospital and portable X-ray

  • Ultrasound

  • Endoscopy

  • Prescription diets for small animals

  • Cattle and equine handling facilities



Some of our hospital facilities include:

  • Small animal surgery suite for elective and non-elective surgeries including orthopedics

  • Large animal surgery suite for equine general anesthetic and surgery

  • Quiet room for pet visitations, quiet consultations, and end of life decisions

  • A well-stocked pharmacy: We can special-order any medications, supplies, and prescription diets that we do not stock

  • In-hospital lab to make diagnosing and treatment decisions rapid and effective

  • Boarding for animals of all sizes

  • Handling facilities for cattle, horses, and animals of all sizes


Some of our wellness programs include:

  • Vaccination protocols

  • Deworming protocols

  • Parasite control protocols

  • Geriatric care


We Provide Mobile Services Including House or Farm Calls


In most cases, veterinary care is best handled in the hospital because of the ready availability of equipment and diagnostic facilities.  However, there are many cases in which transportation is not possible due to the size or number of large animal patients.  We are happy to visit your house or farm in such cases.

To Make an Appointment

We provide full veterinary care at our hospitals.

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